EIT Climate-KIC Pioneers into Practice 2019: Welcome event for International pioneers
Monday, 07 October 2019 09:10

Within the EIT Climate-KIC RIS Pioneers into Practice program, we organized a welcome event for International pioneers who came to a practical experience to Slovenia. On 3
rd October 2019, we took them on site visits to get to know the work of some of this year's hosts operating in Ljubljana. We started our site visits at the National Institute of Chemistry (NIC) by the host dr. Uroš Novak from the Department of Catalysis and Chemical Reaction Engineering, who runs the BioApp project. As part of the placement, their pioneer is involved in the customizing and testing of plastic free eco-friendly products made from biological materials. We continued with the presentation of Assoc. prof. Nejc Hodnik in the field of electrocatalysts, and we also had a tour of the laboratory and transmission electron microscope. As a host he has accepted two pioneers: one is involved in the development and testing of new electrocatalysts, and the other is exploring nobel metal recycling options. Our next stop was at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, where we were accompanied by dr. Boštjan Rožič and learned about the importance of understanding the extraordinary paleoclimatic conditions that are crucial for understanding recent and predicting future climate change and can make a significant contribution to preventing them. The last visit was made at the headquarters of the company Petrol d.d., where dr. Simon Guštin outlined the company's sustainable orientations. A pioneer’s job is to find ways how to familiarize employees and the public with their products and services that meet the sustainability criteria. We concluded site visits with networking at the lunch.

BioApp (NIC): viewing and touching different types of bioplastics

Department of Catalysis and Chemical Reaction Engineering (NIC): tour of the laboratory

Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering: viewing different types of rocks for analysis

Petrol d.d.: presentation of the company's sustainable policies

Lunch and networking

kemijski inštitut institut jožefa stefana univerza v novi gorici domel, d.d. inea d.o.o. razvojni center za vodikove tehnologije - rcvt mebius d.o.o. termoelektrarna šoštanj holding slovenskih elektrarn, d.o.o. petrol d.d. silkem, d.o.o. fakulteta za strojništvo, univerza v ljubljani iskra tela d.d. cinkarna celje, d.d. Ljubljanska univerza Image Map