Speakers at the "Electric Car on Our Roads" roundtable
Wednesday, 01 December 2010 08:45

Speakers at the "Electric Car on Our Roads" roundtable

Prof. Mihael Sekavčnik, PhD, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana
Prof. Mihael Sekavčnik is active at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, at the Department of Power Engineering.

In the framework of CoE LCT, he is the head of the Hydrogen Technologies in Advanced Energy Supply demonstration project, in the framework of which the so called hydrogen route is being established.

Marta Svoljšak Jerman, PhD, Petrol d.d.
Marta Svoljšak Jerman, PhD, is the director of the Sector for Technical Development, Safety and Quality at Petrol d.d., which is a consortium partner of CoE LCT.

At CoE, Ms. Svoljšak, PhD, is in charge of the development programme within the hydrogen section entitled Demonstration Project – The Construction of a Hydrogen Filling Station.

Stanko Hočevar, PhD, the National Institute of Chemistry
Stanko Hočevar, PhD, is a scientific councillor at the National Institute of Chemistry where his research and development activities are focused on the fields of heterogeneous catalysis, electrocatalysis, adsorptions, chemistry kinetics, developing catalysts, synthesis and the characterisation of catalysts. In the field of catalysis, most of his attention is devoted to researching the quantitative relations between the structure and activity and the structure and selectivity in heterogeneous catalysis (QSAR). He is a founder and co-owner of Mebius d.o.o., a company active in the field of developing fuel cells and core technologies for the production of components in fuel cells. At CoE LCT, he is cooperating as a researcher in the research and development project "The Development of Custom Subassemblies for a Fuel Cell System". He is also the president of the Professional Council of CoE LCT.
Miloš Šturm, Hidria d.d.
Miloš Šturm is the Vice-President of the Management Board of Hidria d.d. and most of his attention is devoted to development, strategic projects, the company innovation centre and the development of intellectual property. Hidria d.d. is a company that is active in the field of developing automotive technology and systems for air-conditioning. The Hidria Institute for the Automotive Industry is developing modern automotive technologies and consists of ten laboratories. Miloš Šturm is also the president of the Slovene Technology Platform for Vehicles, Roads and Transport and a member of the European Platform of the ERTRAC (European Road Transport Advisory Council) Steering Group.
Prof. Miran Gaberšček, PhD, Director of CoE LCT

Prof. Gaberšček, PhD, is the Director of CoE LCT. He coordinated and was in charge of the entire preparation of the application for the CoE. At CoE LCT, he is also the head of the lithium section where he is cooperating with other research and economic partners. In his research work, he devotes most of his attention to the development of materials for storing energy.

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