Termoelektrarna Šoštanj d.o.o.
The Šoštanj Thermal Power Plant (Termoelektrarna Šoštanj – TEŠ) is a limited liability company whose sole member is Holding Slovenske elektrarne. TEŠ is the biggest power plant in the Holding Slovenske elektrarne (HSE) system, as well as in the Slovenian electricity network (EES), both in terms of electricity generated and installed power. In addition to electricity generation, the company’s primary activities include the production of thermal energy for district heating. With its installed power, the power plant generates one third of the national electricity on average and covers more than one half of the demand in emergencies. The average annual electricity generated is between 3,500 and 3,800 GWh. The average annual generation of thermal energy for the district heating system of the Šaleška valley is 400 – 450 GWh. Production is tied to the consumption of Velenje’s lignite, which is mined from the Premogovnik Velenje mines. The above-stated annual production of electricity and thermal energy consumes between 3.5 and 4.2 million tonnes of coal and approximately 60 million Sm3 of natural gas. The operational readiness of our generators can be compared to the major European thermal power plants.


The company’s objectives are linked to maintaining the generating capacities and ensuring the long-term reliable, safe, competitive and environmentally friendly generation of electricity and thermal energy using various primary sources. The decision for the construction of the 600 MW Unit 6 is the next major step in the ecological rehabilitation of TEŠ, which we started in 1983 in order to protect the environment. Unit 6 will use approximately 30% less coal to generate the same amount of electricity, significantly lowering the overall emissions. This means that it will generate the same amount of electricity while reducing CO2 emissions by 35% compared to today. The construction of Unit 6 therefore represents a reduction of the environmental pollution level, improving quality and energy efficiency and meeting the criteria of international standards for the best available technologies (BAT).

Joining the CoE LCT

In the long-term, ensuring a stable and healthy living environment will require much more effort. TEŠ fully supports the development and use of alternative energy sources. As proof of this, TEŠ has joined the Centre of Excellence for Low-Carbon Technologies. It has become an active participant in the demonstration project entitled Hydrogen Technologies in Advanced Energy Supply on account of its experience in the area of hydrogen production and use. This involves the construction of an experimental hydrogen plant in the area of TEŠ. The plant will be used to conduct R&D activities and to optimise the operation of energy systems. Different sources of environmentally-friendly energy will be simulated within the research activities, along with their optimum utilisation and their contribution to hydrogen production. The research will also address the area of fossil fuel use, such as the use of lignite in TEŠ. The primary objective is to determine the optimum thermal power plant yield rate under constant load and to what degree the specific burdening of the environment with greenhouse gas emissions would decrease as a result of a faster and simpler secondary frequency regulation by means of an electrolyser. This operational regime would certainly result in greater reliability, availability and a longer sustainability period for the functioning systems.


Franc Poličnik, Member of the CoE LCT Council
Peter Dermol, operative manager of the demonstration project at TEŠ
Oki Blatnik, assistant to the operative manager of the demonstration project at TEŠ

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