Silkem, d.o.o.
Silkem d.o.o. was founded on the basis of 40 years of experience in producing aluminium hydrate and various special aluminas at Kidričevo. Following the discontinuation of production in the red part of the former alumina factory in 1991, its foundations were successfully and innovatively adapted to create a new company – Silkem.

Over the 15 years of putting this new strategic orientation into practice, the company developed a specialised production programme: synthetic zeolites, silicates and specialty aluminas.

The company became a member of the MAL group in 2001, marking a major turning point in the company’s operations. Strategic integration in the vertically linked MAL group (which has its own raw material supply) represents a good foundation for further development. The MAL group intends to secure a prominent position on the European market for specialised alumina products through active development and close cooperation with the major buyers and Silkem is to play an important part in the process.

Silkem markets its products on over 40 national markets: partially directly and partially through narrowly-specialised representatives. The company wants to preserve its current flexibility and dynamic ability of adaptation in satisfying the customers’ quality and logistics needs even in the future, despite the increased production and an extremely increased programme scope.

As for quality assurance, we have implemented the ISO 9001 standard and thus formally confirmed our enduring efforts to supply quality products to our customers. The company has 135 well-qualified employees who are able to optimally satisfy what the customers want and need with their knowledge and experience.

Silkem’s activities are divided into six programme areas:
-    synthetic zeolites, primarily intended for the washing detergent industry and the chemical industry,
-    silicates, which are used in the building, washing detergent, paper and chemical industries,
-    granulates (granulated synthetic zeolites and silicates) are a constituent part of washing detergents and are also used in the chemical industry,
-    calcinated aluminas, which are a raw material required for the production of fire resistant materials; they are also used in the ceramic industry,
-    sinter aluminas, primarily intended for the fire resisting material industry; also used in the ceramic, petrochemical and foundry industries,
-    new products, this means end products and feedstock produced from the materials from the previous groups.

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