Mebius d.o.o.
Mebius d.o.o. is a recently established company (2008) that focuses on R&D and on the marketing and sale of products. Its primary goal is developing, marketing and producing components, systems and subsystems for high and low-temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells.

This conforms to the long-term objectives stated below:
•    developing, marketing and producing gas-diffusion electrodes,
•    developing, marketing and producing proton exchange membranes,
•    developing, marketing and producing membrane electrode systems,
•    feasibility studies,
•    LCA studies,
•    process-efficiency comparative analyses,
•    the research and development of new energy conversion chemical processes,
•    international cooperation,
•    representing domestic and foreign companies on the market,
•    organising expert panels and conferences.

A Letter of Intent on the introduction of hydrogen vehicles has already been signed by the different industrial partners and several ministries. This will bring about a new environment in which the demand for the activities developed and offered by the company will increase.

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