Iskra Tela d.d.
Iskra TELA d.d. has a respectable track record in the development and marketing of zinc alkaline batteries and air depolarised zinc batteries and follows the increasing demands and the market shift towards using renewable energy sources, which is why its efforts are aimed at developing innovative new products, increasing the level of technological development and, through that, the added value of products.

Iskra TELA d.d. currently manages several projects and cooperates with the National Institute of Chemistry on the Solar-Battery Module project as an interdisciplinary group. The aim of the project is to develop and market a completely new technologically-demanding and innovative product in which a suitable PCB will combine the solar panel and battery into a system that will be more reliable and cheaper than the existing energy sources. Working on this project within an interdisciplinary group is Rok Hrovatin, PhD, who is active in various fields ranging from laser technology, ultrasound meters and medical devices to optical incremental encoders. Bibliographical data is available in the COBISS database and includes quite a few publications, mostly abroad.

Leopold Knez, MSc, is an expert in electromagnetic compatibility components and electronics. His achievements can be seen in the development projects and presented products.

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