Inea d.o.o.
INEA d.o.o. is a leading Slovenian company in computerised production management. It has successfully completed over 750 projects for the industry in its 21-year history. INEA has been a member of the Technology Park since its establishment.

INEA offers state-of-the-art solutions in computerised process control with continuous improvements and the direct application of knowledge – in connection with the Jozef Stefan Institute (IJS) and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. This allows us to coordinate research, development, education and production policies. It enables the vertical exchange of knowledge and the ability to solve complex problems, as well as work on joint projects, HR training and movement, capacity consolidation and work on concrete projects in mixed teams.

Inea is the leading enterprise within the Process Control Technologies technological network, which is one of the priority areas of development in Slovenia in the upcoming medium-term period within the framework of Slovenia’s Development Strategy and the new National R&D Programme. The development is supported by the Slovenian government. The network’s area of operation encompasses processes involved in business entities and problem domains that the network members are working on (and marketing) as part of their business objectives. This covers the entire company process management pyramid: the process level, the control level and the production level.

INEA has its own research group registered with the Slovenian Research Agency (its code in the SRA register is 0220). The Inea research group has more than 20 years of experience in R&D and has realised a large number of successful development projects financed from European funds (6th FP, 7th FP, Structural Funds).

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