Domel, d.d.

Domel's strategy is to become a recognisable development supplier of electromotor drives with upgrades – mechatronic assemblies not only in the cleaning equipment market but also in the HVAC, automotive and hydrogen markets. Domel is oriented in the development and production of products with high added value, in line with these strategic objectives. 

Besides developing new high-tech products and services, the key orientation of the development field is chiefly the management of key knowledge and competences and continuous growth. Domel is one of the first Slovenian companies that have actively entered the new rapidly-expanding market of fuel cells – i.e. hydrogen technologies. Their breakthrough in this market niche was made possible through their innovative approach in the area of a key fuel cell component – air supply systems. The company used its experience and knowledge obtained through its cooperation with several leading companies in this field to design the SIHFC Slovenian technological platform and especially the SRA strategic document, which forms the basis for determining the policies of the Slovenian scientific research sphere and industry.

With its own development in cooperation with scientific-education institutions and institutes, the company is able to successfully tackle the challenges related to strength, vibration, rotodynamics, aerodynamics, acoustics, heat, electromagnetism, electronics, technology, etc. The complexity of the products has prompted us to encourage postgraduate education, which is why five of our employees are currently enrolled in doctoral studies or are finishing them.

The characteristics of the emerging market are why the marketing of systems with fuel cells is an activity organised within the new company called Domel Energija, which is 100% owned by Domel;

Domel’s references in the area of fuel cells:
- producer of blowers for fuel cells (leading world producer),
- co-founder of the Hydrogen Technology Development Centre (RCVT),
- member of the Slovenian Hydrogen Platform (SIHFC),
- project manager of HyMIV, CRP MIR (2006-2008),
- participation in NextGenCell – 6th FP on fuel cells, 2006-2008,
- project manager of the project entitled SRRP 2009 – HyCore – Developing key sub-assemblies of HT-PEM fuel cells,
- the implementation of several development projects for fuel cell producers (Hydrogenics, Plug Power, Nuvera, EPS).

Activities oriented towards the development of hydrogen technologies (the subject of CoE):
In accordance with its strategy, developing air supply systems is the guiding principle behind all Domel activities. This is the company’s core activity where it can hold its own against the major fuel cell producers.

The company expects to see long-term synergies resulting from its participation in the CoE as a component supplier, particularly in terms of cooperation with the RCVT’s and CoE LCT’s partners in the development and design of a proprietary "Slovenian" concept of a fuel cell system.

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