Jozef Stefan Institute

The Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts founded the Physics Institute in 1946. However, the real founding year of the Josef Stefan Institute (IJS) was 1949, when the Physics Institute switched to research into the peaceful use of nuclear energy. The IJS cooperates with numerous renowned institutions around the world, organises international conferences and participates in international exhibitions. Furthermore, it pursues the international exchange of experts to the best of its abilities. Many research achievements have received international acclaim and many IJS associates are internationally acclaimed scientists. The IJS is also one of the co-founders of the Jozef Stefan International Postgraduate School for researchers.


(Head: Prof. Stanko Strmčnik, PhD)


The area of work of the Systems and Control Department of the Jozef Stefan Institute is primarily applied research and development of control systems and their transfer to industrial practice. The Department has one programme group with a total of 30 associates. The Department’s tasks include analysing, managing and optimising various systems and processes.

Within these tasks, we carry out R&D on the following:
- new automatic control methods and algorithms,
- procedures and software tools to support the design and construction of control systems,
- special measuring and regulation methods,
- we build complete computerised systems for the management and control of machines, devices and industrial and other processes.

Among the more important orientations the Department has recently adopted is orientation into the research, development and implementation of various systems with fuel cells and it is currently working together with the Ministry of Defence and with industrial partners Domel d.d. and Inea d.d. on several projects.

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