RRP 6: Making a demonstration prototype of a combined autonomous device – rechargeable battery/solar cell

Person Responsible: Robert Dominko, PhD (National Institute of Chemistry)

The goal is to develop and demonstrate a renewable source of electricity that will enable the reliable and long autonomous operation of devices/applications that require an independent, portable and highly reliable source of electricity. The concept is as follows: solar energy is converted into electricity using solar cells and then stored in a rechargeable battery.

In this way, we can avoid the need to charge the batteries using a fixed network. The product can therefore remain indefinitely in an area without an electricity network. The applications covered by the IskraTELA partner include road traffic signalling systems and pasture systems. Of course, the range of applications can be extended in the future.

The challenge here lies in designing a suitable linkage between the solar and battery devices. As for solar technologies, we will first test and use the standard flexible a-Si and CIGS panels, then a few working DSC panels of the 3 PV generation, which is still in its infancy. The materials for it will be developed in this CoE as well. Regarding rechargeable battery technologies, we will use the existing lithium technologies and then move on to new generations of lithium batteries. Of course, this transition will depend on the development of lithium rechargeable batteries.

This project should serve as an excellent test showing not only the advantages of new technologies but also the possible problems we will have to address when transitioning to new generations of energy-autonomous products. We will be able to use the experience obtained to our advantage in Slovenia, when the worldwide introduction of new low-carbon technologies increases in intensity.
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